Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Student Protesters

Can you ever imagined this was an email sent to departmental staff and students by the head of a university department? (Some details are hidden so that the department's identity is not unveiled.)

We currently have a group of student protesters occupying Level 5 of (name of a building). They are protesting about our involvement in military research. See (a URL).

I have been advised by security that they are not violent or destructive and we should just let them occupy level 5 and allow them to access toilet facilities on level 4. University security staff will be present at all times. The lift in (name of the building) will be out of use unless needed in an emergency.

If you receive an enquiry from the press about this occupation please refer them to (name of a person), Director of Corporate Communications: (phone number and email address)

Please do not do anything to provoke a hostile reaction.


Well, this happens
only in some countries, and definitely, not ours. Isn't this a good example on risk/crisis management?


shinliang said...

phew....and for a moment there I thought you were describing UM!?

Guess not.

添健 said...