Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Java is a case-sensitive programming language, which means it differentiates lower case letters from upper case letters. While marking an exam answer script for a Java-based course some days ago, I came across this statement:

My small letter sometimes look like capital letter. This will not happen if I use computer.

I think my students are getting more creative in avoiding losing marks in their exam nowadays. Apart from writing something on their answer scripts, one student even sent me an e-card with this message:

Dear Lecturer,
I am a student from Faculty of Science Computer & Information Technology.
I would like to thank you for teaching me this semester.
I am so excited because this is my last semester for all subjects!
I am going for interview for software engineer job at the telecom(m)unicat(i)on firm!
Thank you so much for every lesson U hav(e) taught me!
Than(k)s for being the most sporting, dedicated and fun lecturer!
Hope that I will always remember and apply all the lessons from U!
Hope I can score pointer 3.5 above for the last time and impressed the interviewers!
Lastly, All The Best For Us!

A few days later, the student sent me another e-card with similar message. If I could deduct the student's marks for such "harassment", I think I would. However, I couldn't :(

Then I came across another message:

Hopefully I can make it this time.


Obviously, this is a repeating student. Luckily, the student did quite well this time.

Nevertheless, as usual, there are some funny messages appear on the answer booklets. For example:

P/S: I am really sorry, I know what to do for each question, but I don't remember the coding.